Do have some good alpha and omega fics?


Real Slick Dean - Explicit - A really great twist on the fuck or die trope that’s actually really, really sweet and really hot too [omega!dean/alpha!cas]

Desperation - Explicit - DeanBennyCas with omega!Cas which is basically my whole life in a nutshell

O Resilient Light - Explicit - This is essentially 12.5k of ridiculously hot sex, but it involves mpreg and humiliation kink, so if that’s not your thing you might wanna steer clear. [alpha!dean/omega!cas]

Pour Me Back in the Bottle - Explicit - book store owner!Cas book store owner!Cas BOOK STORE OWNER!CAS and younger alpha!Dean it’s fucking great

Bare Your Neck (While You’re Buried Inside Me) - Explicit - So y’know how I love bottoming doms and dom!Dean? Yeah this is fucking great. [omega!dean/alpha!cas]

Heat of the Moment - Explicit - Poor Cas can’t stop going into heats aww (cas is underage) [alpha!dean/omega!cas]

You Lost Boys - Explicit - I will never not love high school au abo [alpha!dean/omega!cas]

So Come Sweet Fire - Explicit - This is omega!Dean and alpha!Cas, sibling incest where Cas is the oldest Winchester

The Secretary - Explicit - Terrible life ‘verse abo it’s glorious [alpha!dean/omega!cas]


Tips for respecting children’s spaces, competence, and general existence from a preschool teacher:

  • Listen to them
  • Ask them, “Do you want to say hi to your auntie/grandma/cousin/dad/whatevs” (Hint: they will be honest and this can result in a simple hello or a hug or a…


Pattern Set #06

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U need 2 write more high school aus


I am a sucker for HS!AUs so I most definitely will. In the meantime; I did already write a lot of high school AUs. 

I made you a list of the ones that I’ve written. [These are only the ones on Ao3 though, there are even more in my drabbles tag on my blog.]

Borrowing Sugar

Just The Way You Are

Dancing Lessons


Bad Day Gone Good



In The Closet

Only You

School Project

Prom Date

If We Were A Movie

Dear Diary

Always Going To Be You


Prove Me Wrong

Date Or Dare

All of these are Destiel High School AUs by me, so I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like there. :)


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Cosplay Posing 102: Facial Expressions 

How to pose your face when you are cosplaying! Let us know if you have any questions.

These videos are actually the best, you should all watch them. she knows what she’s talking about.

I have so many ideas for my Valeera photoshoots coming up, I hope I can take more flattering pictures (or me and of the character) in the future.



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