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Aaron from twinoaksmusic and I did this collaboration over the last few days.


when i was young
and miserable,
their hands were full
and i was invisible.

but knowing you
made me feel
like a universe
where i was beautiful.

sometimes i can’t believe
that i lost you to me.

you built me up in your head
so much stronger
than i am.

i want to lay
myself in leaves
soaked from the rain
say i feel the same.

rip me off,
as you will,
and i will fall
like i’m one of them.

download here: "leaves"

1: What is your name and does it mean anything?
2: How long have you known your best friend?
3: What position do you normally sleep in?
4: Were you a part of any “clique” in high school?
5: Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?
6: Do you wish to travel a lot?
7: Did you participate in any sports while in school?
8: Show a sample of your handwriting:
9: Have you ever given blood?
10: Do you like the way that you grew up?
11: Do you like your siblings? Why or why not?
12: How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends?
13: Name one movie that made you cry.
14: Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?
15: Things about someone that you find attractive?
16: What song are you currently listening to?
17: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
18: A random memory from you childhood:
19: Where did you grow up?
20: What was the last thing you watched on tv?
21: Do you think you’d make a good parent?
22: Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?
22: What was the last dream you remember having?
23: When is your birthday?
24: How many pillows do you sleep with?
25: Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?
26: What color is your hair?
27: Name 5 facts about your appearance:
28: What is your favorite soda?
29: What is a strange talent that you have?
30: How’s the weather right now?
31: Why did one of your friendships end?
32: Who do you miss right now?
33: Why did your last relationship end?
34: Are you still figuring out who you are?
35: Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?
36: What is your favorite restaurant?
37: What is word that you always seem to spell wrong?
38: Would ever adopt kids?
39: What is your favorite kind of pizza?
40: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
41: When was the last time you got really really happy and why?
42: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
43: How do you start a conversation?
44: What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately?
45: Do you come from a family “of money?”
46: Do you have a bucket list?
47: What is your favorite series of books?
48: When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
49: Where do you go when you’re sad?
50: 5 random facts about yourself:
Although wincest is really not my jam, I always thought the soulmate interpretation was valid. I've read some good meta that defended the interpretation, but rarely any fully convincing meta that disproved it. I would be really interested in reading it, if it's out there, though. Have you written any, or would you be able to link to some?


*picks teeth* As a matter of fact I linked three in that reblog which itself contains the same proofs in pathsofpassion's rebuttal to the fallacy-riddled, error-stricken OP.

You don’t really need a long drawn-out thing to explain it, though. It’s simple.

  • A large portion of the episode goes to showing a huge disparity between the brothers’ priorities. The tension between them increases: Dean thought they were supposed to be a team, a duo to the bitter end and back, while Sam only ever wanted out.
  • Sam appears in Dean’s Heaven only as his younger self contemporary to the memory, where the real Sam and Dean always appear as their adult selves even while filling roles from their early lives.
  • They have to use the Axis Mundi to travel from Dean’s part of Heaven to Sam’s, and from Sam’s part to Ash’s, but do NOT need to use it to travel from one part of Sam’s Heaven to another.
  • Ash says that soulmates’ Heavens are shared – as in, the souls do no have to use the Axis Mundi, the road between sections of Heaven.

Winchesters’ Heavens are not shared
soulmates’ Heaven is shared
therefore Winchesters are not soulmates

I’ve seen a number of people mewling about “well what was the point in mentioning it?!” and it just…it’s like listening to someone come out of watching Fight Club absolutely convinced that Narrator and Tyler Durden were physically separate people. The point of Ash mentioning it was to highlight the exact same rift that the half-hour preceding it had been illustrating. It’s an answer to this exchange:

DEAN: I mean, we’re supposed to be a team. It’s supposed to be you and me against the world, right?
SAM: Dean, it is!
DEAN: (after a pause) Is it?

And the answer is no. If the Winchester boys were “meant to be” as a duo all the way, they would share a Heaven, but they’re not, and they don’t. That is the entire point of the episode: that they’re NOT on the same page, they DON’T have the same priorities, they DON’T have the same goals, they DON’T have a ~mystical bond~.

It also has the elements of the old Mistaken For Gay trope in that Ash found Sam and Dean together, so he probably assumed that they’d been in the same Heaven all along, but he was not there to see the fact that they had to use the Axis Mundi to find each other before that. This is called dramatic irony and serves to highlight the opposite of what’s being stated; ie, Ash talking about soulmates highlights the fact that we just got shown that the Winchesters do not qualify for the description. Hence the uncomfortable looks.

As a footnote, pretty sure you don’t have to abjectly fail at basic algebra to ‘ship Wincest anyway. Just sayin’.


someone take me out. either in the date way or the assassination way


I WANNA GET BETTER! // upbeat songs to lift you up when you can’t do it for yourself; for when the sad songs aren’t soothing anymore; for when you need to be reminded that everything’s gonna be alright ☼ [LISTEN]


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dang son


So here are a bunch of resources i’ve gathered. I thought that I’d share them because they’re really helpful. Hope they’ll make your life easier! I’ve never made one of these before, so let me know if any of the links aren’t working. 
200 words that describe light
how to keep a journal
read some slam poetry
huge writing masterpost 
how to reveal character
help with writer’s block
find out which author you write like
write interactive books  (kind of like choose your own adventure)
good brainstorming/ organizing tool
zen writing tool
makeup and hair 
filling in eyebrows
twin buns
how to contour
everyday makeup routine
how to make any color of lipstick… from crayons
natural beauty remedies
the trick to liquid eyeliner (this is how i wear mine, it’s quite easy to master)
now that you know the secret to eyeliner… here’s some eyeliner inspiration
cool makeup tips
stylish eye makeup (from Lauren Conrad)
gradient lip makeup
different ways to braid your hair
messy buns tutorial
how to make your own temporary tattoo
apply eyeliner, mascara, and curl lashes with a spoon
how eyeliner can change your eye shape
colors to wear based on eye color
how to survive college 
various yoga poses for stress relief
HUGE studying masterpost (I mean huge)
solve any math problem
how to effectively pull an all-nighter
teaches everything
block distracting websites when you’re trying to do work (*cough* tumblr)
make breakfast on the go (because breakfast is the most important meal of the day)
tumblr-related things
find out who an anon is (not sure if still working)
mass tag replacer
huge theme-related download pack
post a bunch of things from a blog’s archive 
good pixel blog and theme references
really good redux edits
my favorite falling snow effect (it’s interactive on your blog!)
tumblr theme generator
random image script
tumblr savior for mobile
feeling down?
cute yahoo answers (the cutest thing ever)
emergency compliment
draw a stickman
coping skills and distractions
for some reason these videos always cheer me up
calming gif
givesmehope (this will cheer you up it is so cute)
calming manatee
daily puppy
click here and here
answer trivia questions and give people rice !!
Cool websites for wasting time (1, 2, 3 )
make sand art online (you could spend hours on this site tbh)
make a a giant squid pillow! (because why not?)
how to do special effects makeup (tw: gore?)
create your own nebula
read creepy wikipedia articles
read more creepy wikipedia articles  (warning, I haven’t read these articles, so I do not know what they contain. read at your own risk.)
random colour each time
disney lies/ urban legends
make your own acapella band
watch a real-time streaming of the ocean
just click this. trust me.
make your own pokemon secret base
this will take you to a cool place
paint like jackson pollock
breed some plants online
look at cool pictures of iceland 
plant facts!
animals you probably didn’t know about
color matching game
downloadable indie games / in-browser indie games
games you played back in the day
really cute online games
cards against humanity pdf
sushi cat (really cute, calming game)
takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
color matching game
akinator, the web genie (kind of like 20 questions, but with famous people)
 food to make
panera mac n cheese recipe
different salad recipes
fricking recipes
harry potter recipes
healthy recipes
various cookie recipes
chocolate cupcakes w/ eggless cookie dough topping
s’mores pie (keep in the fridge and heat up for 15 seconds when you want a piece so its warm and it just tastes really good please make this)
nutella hot chocolate
peanut butter nutella swirl cookies
cookie in a mug
starbucks holiday drinks
fruit leathers (like fruit roll-ups, only much better)
brownie in a mug
how to make ramen 1000x better
eggless cookie dough (not to bake, just to eat)
make recipes using things you already have
how to put together a very fancy cheese plate (using stuff from the supermarket)
make different flavored lemonades
various desert recipes
make tiny chocolate chip cookies
20 dishes every cook should know
photo editing things
punk edit tutorial
remove backgrounds without photoshop
topaz-like action
glitch tutorial
make a cut-out banner thingy on polyvore
double exposure effect
photoshop brushes masterpost
this blog has a lot of ps resources
so does this one
art references
how to draw ears
how to make an animated film
learn how to draw anything
turn your paper art into digital
skeleton practice drawing tool thingy
how to draw semi- realistic eyes
how to make pixel art
good reference for drawing water
free digital sculpting tool
sounds n music
masterpost of sounds of nature
more sounds of nature
find more artists to listen to (basically you pick an artist, and it shows more artists, and you click those. it’s a never ending lists of music in your taste!)
listen to playlists (here’s mine)
get the best sound from your iTunes
coffee shop sounds for productivity
rain sounds
white noise generator
some more cool sounds
how to make an 8-bit/chiptune
tips for making the perfect mixtape
learn to do things
make a flower crown
make dip-dyed shoes
make glitter out of salt
make a blanket nest
how to make origami
how to embroider 
learn to read korean in 15 minutes
newspaper nails (i’ve done these before… super easy and look really cool!!)
tie-dye denim
make a font from your handwriting
learn to play guitar
how to care for cacti and succulents
make a 90’s tattoo choker
how to sew
make a glow jar
personality quizzes
the ‘eye’ test
find out which disney princess you are
online color challenge
trivia quizzes
other useful things
is a website actually down?
hobbies masterpost
best, most comfy onesies ever
clothing life hacks
when to pee during a movie
how to remove pilling from clothing
100 tips for life
sleep calculator
kawaii emoticons
run windows programs on a mac
plant studio (like microsoft paint, but with plants!)
find out which font something is
create a color palate from an image
lots of clothing references
tea to soothe sore throats
cool outfit ideas
Alexa Chung style essentials
how to tie shoes for running properly (if you can actually run a lap without collapsing unlike me)
how to help acne in different areas of the face
the care and keeping of plants (hella important!!)
PART 2 !!!!



Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

Delicious words!

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